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Database Converter Utility is used to convert and manage efficient and error-free database conversion using advanced and automated database conversion technology. Safe and secure database conversion is responsible for converting data records of one database format into another database format. The database converter software keeps your database up-to-date with its simple, easy and fast database migration services. Database conversion utility is capable of managing database driven projects for avoiding data replication and redundancy occurred during the database conversion.

In this article, step by step migration process is explained which includes the planning stages of a database migration and necessary steps to follow at the time of deploying the converted database records. Following are the key points used during the conversion of database records from one database format into another.

Why Should Convert the Database?

The reasons for converting a database may vary from person to person as per requirement, but let's look at common reasons of database conversion:

To make the database Cross-Platform

A Cross-Platform database can be easily deployed on multiple platforms. For example: the user can develop the database on a Windows PC and deploy on Windows Server 2003, a Linux server or an IBM mainframe etc. This will increase the versatility while choosing the server hardware.

To achieve high performance

In today's market, variety of corporations demands performance and stability in the databases so as to achieve the highest performance in maintaining the database records.

To work with latest open source technologies

Various open source technologies are available in the market in which the user is free to examine the source code and make any changes as per requirement. Every organization needs flexible and effective database records matched with the latest technologies. So for meeting the database records with the latest technologies, database converter utility is needed.

Planning For Database Migration

While database conversion, the user will need to consider the changes occurred in database records such as modification in the actual data while database conversion. Following are some points that should be taken into consideration while database conversion:

  • Data Types
  • Attributes
  • Table structure
  • Key constraints

Database Conversion Tools

There are wide varieties of tools available to help in converting the records from one database format to another database format. All the available tools are capable of providing best and accurate database conversion with full structure support. These database tools offers graphical interface based conversion technology which is easy to understand and operate. With these automated database conversion tools, the user can easily translate the source database records into target database records with complete functional and structural support to the converted database.

DRPU Software takes care of all the database necessities and develops various database conversion utilities that best suits your needs. Following are the tools helpful for converting various database record formats:

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